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Nickel Alloys

Nickel Alloys, Plates, Bars, Sheets and Tubes

Metals Unlimited Aerospace is a leading supplier and distributor of nickel alloys, plates, bars, sheets and tubes in a variety of sizes and applications.

Nickel alloys are used in applications where they are subjected to harsh environments and high temperatures. This group of materials is chosen for a variety of characteristics:

  • Excellent Mechanical Strength and Creep Resistance at High Temperatures
  • Good Surface Stability
  • Strong Resistance to Corrosion and Oxidation

We also carry inconel™ nickel, which is a set of austenitic nickel-chromium based super alloys. These alloys are most commonly used in high-temperature applications and were first developed in support of the Whittle jet engine. With this development history, it is easy to see why inconel™ nickel is commonly found in gas turbine engines for blades, seals, turbocharged rotors and seals, as well as in submersible well pump motor shafts.

Browse our selection of nickel products below. Don’t see the product you need? Reach out to a procurement expert for a quote on the product you need.