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Machine Shops

Machine Shop Suppliers of Top-Grade Metals

Our commitment to delivering the most reliable, domestically produced metals has made us trusted machine shop suppliers for numerous businesses across the country. You will never receive untested materials from no name, international companies.

Your Trusted Machine Shop Supply Company

For decades, our team has been the trusted machine shop supplier by exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and service. In our over 40 years of business, we have never had a returned order. No matter how precise your metal needs, we can deliver the exact item you need with our established network.

Need a specific heat-treating, size or test? You can trust us to deliver. Our concierge service fulfills your needs when other companies may reject your order. And with our three convenient shipping locations in Florida, California and Connecticut, you can be sure your machine shop will receive the specialized item you need quickly. Reach out to a procurement expert to find out how quickly we can get you the precise material you need.

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