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Copper Alloys

Your Comprehensive Source for Copper Alloys

For over 40 years, Metals Unlimited Aerospace has been a leading supplier of copper and other high-temperature metals.

Copper alloys are so widely used, many in complex applications, that there are over 370 commercial copper and copper alloy grades. No matter which type you need, our experienced team can quickly get it to you. We provide copper in all mill forms including rod, plate, strip, sheet, tube shapes and wire.

The copper family includes coppers, high-copper alloys, brasses, leaded brasses, bronzes, aluminum bronzes, silicon bronzes, copper nickels and nickel silvers.

Copper alloys provide good thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, ease of forming, ease of joining and color, but most have relatively low strength-to-weight ratios and low strengths at elevated temperatures.

Browse our inventory of copper materials below to find the exact type you need.

Don’t see the product you need? Reach out to a procurement expert for a quote on another copper alloy.