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High-Purity Metal Suppliers for Research Companies

If your project depends on specialized, hard-to-find items, we are the high-purity metals suppliers to research facilities that won’t compromise on quality. All of our metals come from domestic companies. You will never receive an item from an untested overseas supplier.

Decades of Experience Locating High-Purity Metals

For decades, our team has been the trusted supplier of high-purity metals for research. We can find and deliver all the hard-to-locate items that other companies can’t get. Plus, we can deliver your metal in the exact specifications you need. Whether that requires a special heat-treating, size or testing process, our concierge service handles the work when many other companies can’t or won’t.

We even feature three convenient shipping locations in Florida, California and Connecticut, so you get faster delivery of the items you need. Service quality like this has given us our impressive 100% satisfaction rating. Reach out to a procurement expert to find out how quickly we can get you the precise material you need.

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