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Hastelloy X | AMS 5536 - High Temperature Metals - Sheets Description:

Hastelloy X – High Temperature – Hast X

Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate

Alloy X® is a nickel-based superalloy ideal for gas turbine engine, aircraft, industrial furnace, and chemical processing applications. Gas turbine engines use Alloy X flame holders, spray bars, transition ducts, combustor cans and other combustion-related parts. Alloy X also performs well in aircraft parts, including jet engine tailpipes, afterburner components, and cabin heaters.

Alloy X is known for its excellent high temperature strength withstanding up to 2200°F. The alloy can also be easily fabricated with forming and welding characteristics by both manual and automatic methods. Additionally, Alloy X is corrosion resistant, heat resistant and oxidation resistant, being able to withstand reducing or neutral atmospheres and oxidation.

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