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3-2.5 Titanium - Titanium - None Description:

Features: Cold formable and weldable, this alloy is used primarily for honeycomb foil and hydraulic tubing applications. Industrial applications such as pressure vessels and piping also utilize this alloy. Available with palladium stabilization to enhance corrosion resistance.

The alloy is cold formable and easily welded, such like the commercially pure grades of titanium. Yet the alloys offer nearly double the strength over TIMETAL 50A.

It is ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code approved. It offers the highest structural efficiency of any of the common engineering metals approved by ASME. The alloy is available in all common product forms including billet, bar, plate, sheet, strip, tubing and pipe. It is nonmagnetic.

Typical heat treatment for this alloy: Stress Relief: 316-649°C for .5-3 hrs, air cool. Anneal: 649-760°C for 1-3 hrs, air cool. Solution treat: 871-927°C for .25-1 hrs, water quench. Aging: 482-538°C for 2-8 hrs, air cool.

Data provided by TIMET.

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